At Blue Ocean Transport, one of our greatest strengths is our extensive transportation network in the U.S.A. that facilitates transportation to you between the United States mainland and the Caribbean and U.S. Virgin Islands.

For example, we have a large quantity of Seaports in the United States to ship your cargo ; Warehouse Cargo Receiving Locations to receive your shipments and an extensive Inland Trucking Service to pickup up your shipments from your place of business and most residences.

This is illustrated by our U.S.A. Service Network Map below:

What does this mean for you?   This can represent Efficiency, Savings and Reliability.

Efficiency – We can pick up cargo from any State within the intercontinental United States usually within 24-48 hours notice.  Once we pick up your cargo, we are in transit to one of our warehouse locations or Seaports.  Due to our proximity from where we pick up your cargo to the Seaport or warehouse location, this can help improve the transit time of your shipment to its final destination.     On the other hand, you also have the ability to deliver your cargo to one of our warehouses near you.   This can help you save time and money.  It may save you time as you do not need to wait for our truck to come to you – you come to us instead.   It may save you money as you can bring it directly to our warehouse instead of us sending a truck to pick it up.

Savings –   Our extensive network and reach helps save you money.  For example, to certain markets in the Caribbean, we are offering service from over twelve ports of call whereas other shipping companies offer service from one port of call.   Using our services can save you money.   One of the biggest costs in transportation is the inland transportation; i.e. getting it from the origin where the cargo originates to the Seaport where the cargo is exporting from.    When using our services, we may be able to cut the inland transportation costs significantly and therefore your total costs.    For example, if you need to ship a container of cargo from Detroit Michigan, we can ship it from New York port, which is approximately 650 miles from Detroit, Michigan to New York Port.  If you were to ship this container from Detroit, Michigan to Miami, Florida port, it is over 1300 miles, twice the distance – much more expensive.

Reliability – Encompassing this network of Seaports, Trucking Services and Warehouse Locations with our frequent sailings and competitive transit times, provides you with reliability – reliability that your shipment is being handled professionally from inception until reaching its final destination.   Reliability in you knowing you are getting a good value for your dollar.  Our extensive knowledge and experience in U.S.A. Logistics as well as a strong understanding of Caribbean and Latin American markets & available services will make us a very reliable and important shipping solution for you.

We at Blue Ocean Transport thank you for your time to find us and read about us.   We hope you do give us a try or just contact us to say hello.

We have many services and experience available that could benefit you.

Simply fill out the Quote Request form on the top left hand side of the page and will happy to provide you with a shipping quote and information regarding your shipment.

You can also contact us by email us at customerservice@shipblueocean.com or call us at 800-566-0340 (US Toll Free) or 305-800-0340.

We look forward to hearing from you and being your source for ocean shipping excellence and personalized service.

Should you need assistance in determining the state abbreviations noted in the map above please refer to our State Abbreviation table below.

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