Northbound – Virgin Islands to U.S. Mainland Services

Needing to ship items from the Virgin Islands to the Mainland?  

Blue Ocean Transport may be able help.

In addition to offering services from the U.S. Mainland to the Virgin Islands, we can also ship your item From the Virgin Islands to the U.S Mainland, i.e. Our Northbound VI to U.S. Mainland Service


We can transport your vehicle from St. Thomas, VI or St. Croix to multiple ports in Florida, depending on your service requirements. For example, ocean transit times can vary from 3 to 4 days to 12 days, port to port, and you choose them based on your timeline and budgeting.    

In addition to our ocean freight service, we can offer you with inland transport to your area in U.S. Mainland. Once your shipment arrives to the mainland,  it needs to be cleared by U.S. Mainland Customs. We can facilitate this process through our relationship with a U.S. Mainland Customs Broker that can clear your shipment with U.S. Customs and perform other necessary importation functions. 

Furthermore, should you need any local assistance in the VI to meet local USVI government vehicle clearance requirements to ship your vehicle or take your vehicle from St. John to St. Thomas for shipping, we can refer you to local VI brokers in the USVI to assist you with this process.  You would hire and pay them directly. 

Household Goods

Have personal belongings to ship?   Please contact us to provide you with possible shipping solutions for your shipping needs. We offer ocean shipping of less than container load shipment and full containerload shipments. In addition, we through our relationship with a U.S. Customs Broker in the U.S. Mainland we can provide you with U.S. Customs Clearance services. 

Furthermore, should you need any local assistance in the VI to help you with the packing of your items or local trucking of your shipment, we can refer you to local handling companies that may be able assist you with this process which you would hire and pay directly. 

Boats & Commercial Cargo

We may also be able to provide you with transport with the shipment of your boat and commercial.  Please make an inquiry to see if we can assist you. 

Contact Us For More Information

Please contact us to learn more and to see if we can provide you with the services you require. Please feel free to complete our Contact us button on top right area of our website and provide us with your shipment information. 

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