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Blue Ocean Transport specializes in the shipping of vehicles between the U.S. Mainland and the Virgin Islands.

We offer both a southbound service to the Virgin Islands and northbound service from the Virgin Islands.  We service both St. Thomas / St. Croix. Should you want service for St. John, VI, you can arrange locally to ship it to/from St. Thomas on a ferry service.

Southbound Sailings to the Virgin Islands

We offer a reliable and competitive service from origin point of the vehicle to the Virgin Islands.    We offer a multitude of shipping options to best service your shipping preferences and budgeting.

We can offer you the best shipping experience to the Virgin Islands.   Some of the options and benefits we provide are as follows:

A. We offer weekly sailings and competitive transit times

B. We can pickup your vehicle from your location via a licensed and insured motor carrier.   Your vehicle will be transported on a motor carrier.  It will not be driven from the origin to the port.
C. For our Southbound Service to the Virgin Islands, we do not ship your vehicle through a connection in Puerto Rico, as other carriers may provide.  Our services from Florida to the Virgin Islands are direct.
The transit and service we offer when we pickup your vehicle at your location where the vehicle is located  is excellent.  Your car will be transported on a licensed and insured motor carrier.  The transit time from the pickup point to the Virgin Islands is very fast.

For example, from California. we estimate we can have your vehicle in the Virgin Islands within 17 – 19 days and from the Northeast in about 14  – 17 days.

C. We offer you the option of you dropping it off at any of the following drop off locations in Florida, conveniently located to the Airport offering flights to the V.I.

  • Jacksonville, FL Receiving Terminal
  • West Palm Beach, FL port
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL port

Below  is our sailing, cutoff and transit information from each of these locations to St. Thomas, VI  and St. Croix, VI.  (Sailings are estimated and subject to change)

Sailings from Florida to St. Croix, VI
Receiving Location Cutoff Day / Time Sailing Day Estimated Transit, once ship sails
Jacksonville, FL terminal Wednesday (week prior  to sailing) Thursday / Fridays or Sundays 4 days
West Palm Beach, FL  port Monday 9AM Thursday 4 days
Fort Lauderdale, FL port Varies, please inquire Varies, please inquire 4 days

Sailings from Florida to St. Thomas, VI
Receiving Location Cutoff Day / Time Sailing Day Estimated Transit, once ship sails
Jacksonville, FL terminal Wednesday (week prior to sailing) Wednesday / Thursday / Fridays or Sundays 4 days
West Palm Beach, FL  port Monday / Wed 9AM Wednesdays/ Fridays 4 days
Fort Lauderdale, FL port Varies, please inquire Varies, please inquire 4 days


We make your vehicle shipping experience an easy process by advising you of the shipping documentation that is required to ship your vehicle and advise you of corresponding local destination regulations.


Regarding the VI local regulations and fees for Southbound shipments to Virgin Islands, please note the following.

For example, for southbound shipments, it is our understanding that U.S. Customs in the Virgin Islands does charge a fee if the vehicle is manufactured out side of the U.S.    If it is manufactured in the U.S., then there is no fee.    If your VIN number of vehicle starts with a “1” “4” or “5”, then your vehicle is manufactured in the U.S., according to information I received from Customs.       If your vehicle was not manufactured in the U.S., then the fees would be as follows:

  • Other Origins, 3.5 of retail value
  • Canada and Mexico, 6% of retail value

*Value is determined bill of sale or by website nadaguides.com using the retail price for your vehicle.  The website would ask you for a zip code on where the vehicle is located. You would use a St. Thomas zip code.

You would pay the applicable fee directly to U.S. Customs.   You can also contact them directly at 340-774-2510.   The information provided here regarding Virgin Islands local regulation and fees is for information purposes only, not guaranteed and subject to your verification.  Please contact U.S. Customs directly as necessary.

Road Tax – 16 cents per lb of vehicle weight.

Registration Fee- Estimated between $125-$145

Your vehicle would need to have insurance before you can drive it on the road in the Virgin Islands.    The following company may be able to help you insure your vehicle, www.usaa.com


When you arrive to the Virgin Islands, you have the option of going on your own to all the government offices to pay any applicable taxes and register your vehicle or you can hire a broker to do all this for you.  This has been a very convenient service for many of our customers.   For example, the broker will already have the tag on the vehicle and may be able to even have it at the airport for you ready to drive when you arrive to the airport.  We will be happy to provide you with a broker that can provide you with this service.

For vehicles coming into the mainland, we will provide you with a broker that will clear the vehicle for you and prepare required documents to import your vehicle into the Mainland.


In addition to offering shipping services of vehicles from the USA to the Virgin Islands, we also offer weekly sailings from St. Thomas, VI and St. Croix to Jacksonville, FL, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, FL
As noted earlier in the “Mainland Pickup / Delivery Service” information noted earlier, we also offer the same delivery service to your final destination of your vehicle or you have the option of picking up your vehicle at the ports noted herein or having it transported to you.

In addition to vehicles, we offer the shipping of other items such as pallets, crates, boats & containers.   Please go to the Services section of our website to get information on any of these services.


We look forward to answering any questions you may have and providing you with a quotation on your shipment.

Simply click on the “Request your Quote” button found on the top left hand side of the page or call us at 305-800-0340  or 340-690-1110 or 800 – 566- 2340

We thank you for your time to learn about our services and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

We look forward to you joining many of our satisfied customers.  Thank you!

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