Service – Inland Transportation

As you may already be aware, the inland transporation cost can be the highest cost of the entire transportation shipment.

To help minimize the inland transporation costs on Full Containerload (FCL) shipments we offer services from many U.S. ports to minimize the inland transporation cost from the origin to the port of loading to the Caribbean and U.S. Virgin Islands

For Less than Containerload (LCL) shipments, we offer very competitive inland rates and many receiving warehouse terminals to help reduce costs.

We can pickup LCL cargo from any of the 48 States in the Continental U.S. to our warehouse location and we can pick up Full containers and take them to the nearest available port.  We can usually pickup with 24 – 48 hours of when you request us to pickup or position a container.    We can provide you with a tracking number to track your shipment from the time it is picked up until it reaches our terminal for ocean shipping.

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