Destination – Guyana

We are pleased to advise that we can offer you an excellent service to Guyana.

We offer a full scope of ocean transportation services:

Our services are weekly and we offer competitive rates and transit times.

You can get transit times by clicking on this Sailing Schedules link.

We can provide you with rate information by clicking on this Quote Request link and submitting it to us.

For more information, you can email us info@shipblueocean.com or call us, 305-428-2735, 888-428-2735 (Toll Free available in the U.S.) and we will be glad to see how we can assist you with your shipping needs.

Our Local Agent in Guyana is:

Guyana Freight Services

214 Almond Street

Georgetown, Guyana


Thank you for contacting us.  We look forward to providing you with ocean transportation services.

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